CFHCC is a non-profit organization in good standing with Field Hockey Ontario and with Field Hockey Canada. With a long and proud presence in Ontario for over 10 years,  our objective is to provide young women and men the opportunity to play field hockey in the Greater Toronto Area all year round in a respectful, enjoyable, safe and friendly environment.


About the Club

Our goal is to develop healthy, well rounded and talented athletes who can proudly represent Ontario and Canada. We strive to teach the value of commitment, of self-discipline and time management.  We aim to motivate young athletes to be ‘the best they can be’ both on the field and in their personal lives.  We help them build self-confidence and self- esteem.  We foster a sense of community and team spirit with the other athletes through the common interest of working toward individual and team goals, as well as a sense of sportsmanship and respect for other competitors and officials.  We assist our players to handle the ‘hidden’ aspect of training: health and sleep habits, good nutrition and balancing school work with sport.


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