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... and that's a wrap!

As we close the book on CFHCC’s 9th Annual Junior Field Hockey tournament, we’d like to thank you for your participation and partnership in making this weekend especially enjoyable.

We would like to acknowledge the amazing talent of our young players and the clubs, managers, coaches and parents that support them in coming out to this tournament. Thank you. Below is the list of the final standings for each age group:

U12 COED: 1st: OKD; 2nd: Chelsea; 3rd: CFHCC U14 Boys: 1st: CFHCC; 2nd: OKD; 3rd: Chelsea U16 Boys: 1st: CFHCC; 2nd: Nepean; 3rd: Chelsea U18 Boys: 1st: Brampton; 2nd: OKD; 3rd: CFHCC U14 Girls: 1st: OKD; 2nd: Nepean; 3rd: Dolphins U16 Girls: 1st: Goa-2; 2nd: Dolphins; 3rd: Goa-1 U18 Girls: 1st: Goa-1; 2nd: Cobras; 3rd: AC-1

We also gratefully acknowledge our sponsors, many volunteers and umpires for their contributions of time, talent and treasure. This event would not be possible without you.

We hope to see you all next year at what will be our 10th Junior Field Hockey Tournament. We have big plans!!! Taking this year's amazing response into account, CFHCC is planning to grow the tournament and host two tournaments next summer separating the U-16 and U-18 categories (both boys and girls) from the Junior Tournament in an 11-a-side format in the last weekend of June 2019. The Junior Tournament (U-10 to U-14) will remain in the first week of June.

Now we’d like to hear from you ! How did you enjoy your weekend, what can we do to improve and what do you think of our plans? If you’d like to share your thoughts please write us to cfhcc@hotmail.com

All the best

Jugraj Kalkat

Tournament Chair